LCAnalytics is a partnership developed to provide industry with accurate models of the carbon footprints of computers and their components. Global warming is a pressing issue that organizations and individuals must work proactively against.

LCAnalytics will assist by providing robust, user-friendly carbon footprint calculators for computers and computer components. The product, currently under development (see LCAT video below), will allow users to quickly determine the carbon footprint of a computer, given its manufacturer/model and specifications.

LCAnalytics will also demonstrate the environmental benefits of recycling computers responsibly. Computers should not go to landfills, where toxins contained in computer components may leach out as contaminants. Instead, the reusable components of recycled computers can extend the life of a different computer needing repair. Components that are out-of-date and but contain recoverable materials, such as precious metals, can be recycled for material recovery. By recycling computers responsibly, the manufacture of a replacement computer from raw materials, and the associated global warming impact, is prevented!